Increases yield and reduces costs of operation and installation maintenance, optimizing, in addition, the necessary interventions.

This way, the operator, is able to detect operating anomalies in real time, before they affect the installations and environments; then there is an immediate intervention to solve the problem, which means a drastic reduction in the service interruption.

In addition, good regulation of the systems involves saving in terms of energy use.

What is more, remote management makes possible to keep both, installations and their control systems at top performance and achieves at the same time high energy-savings solutions.

Advantages of remote management:

  • Increases efficiency as a consequence of programming the best use of installations and 24-hours monitoring processes.      
  • Immediate alerts in case of anomalies and failures.
  • Control of the system: power on and off without necessarily site inspection.     
  • Setting timetables and thermoregulation directly from control panel.     
  • Because of the cameras system and the alarms automatic management, it increases the shift staff responsiveness in case of malfunction or failure of the equipment.    
  • Control over the total data relating to facilities, as complete and accurate reports reflecting the operating system state.   
  • Saving on management costs.     
  • Possibility of Remote intervention.

Remote management aims:

  • Optimize the installation operating systems.
  • Reduce considerably the time for a diagnosis and, consequently, Minimize service interruption in case of breakdowns.
  • Improving the service quality.
  • Extending the useful live of installations through preventive maintenance.
  • Reduce energy consumption Thus, contributing to limiting the negative impact of environmental pollution.

Because of a wise remote management and technician’s preparation in installation programming and management, Recir responds with economic and reliable solutions, which reduce pollution, thus are as well respectful towards the environment.