Smart Building is a new building concept that guarantees the highest levels of energy efficiency, comfort and adaptation to users’ needs, involving them in the monitoring and rationalization of energy consumption. It is connected to the main energy infrastructures (Smart grids), in order to share data about the energy demand and to balance it with the energy supply, in the context of Smart cities, characterized by the highest quality of life, efficient services and the interaction between citizens and infrastructures.

The Smart Building concept is based on the interconnection between all its components, their integrated management and the user involvement through an interface, which allows the monitoring of the energy consumption.

Recir offers the following services, in order to pursue the Smart Building concept:

BIM (Building Information Modeling): a model including the engineering design and construction of the building, the study of its structural characteristics, the materials selection, the analysis and evaluation of the energy performances, as well as what is necessary for its maintenance.

Internet of Things (IoT): extension of Internet and automation to the functioning of common devices for residential or industrial use.

Energy efficiency: engineering design and implementation of technologically advanced solution to improve the energy performances of the buildings.

Remote management: plant remote management, through the connection with a 24/7 operation centre.