The Facility Management consists of all of the services that are not directly related to the customer’s core business but are crucial to the proper operation of its organization and the complete management of its building complexes, in both internal and external environments.


Recir offers:

  • Management of building complexes, in both internal and external environments.
  • Design, construction, operation, maintenance of Air conditioning systems, heating, Electrical, Electronic, Sanitary, Pressurization, Telephone and Data Transmissions, Fire Protection, Anti-Intrusion, Electromechanical and elevators.
  • Remote control of the installations.
  • Building maintenance.
  • Green areas maintenance.
  • Analysis and design of energy efficiency interventions; following evaluations of the results.


Global Service is taking complete responsibility for the management of the client’s property through a specific contract focused on services to accomplish or /and maintenance that is expected.

Recir offers the following services:


  • Management: these are several interventions designed to maintain the performance characteristics of building installations and components.
  • Installations maintenance: the series of interventions aimed to keep the original features of the equipment in full efficiency, functionality and preserved, guaranteeing safety and health condition for users.
  • Maintenance of building components: interventions on the building components of interior and external environments to ensure full reactivation, conservation and making the best use over time.
  • Curtains and cladding: Refine and embellish the environments making curtains and coverings with high quality textures and materials.  
  • Maintenance of green areas: Consists of grass mowing, pruning hedges of high and low trunk trees, cleaning and removing foliage, design and installation of irrigation systems, cleaning fountains and water treatment for parks and gardens landscaping. 
  • Corrective maintenance: all the interventions carried out to restore and reactivate normal performance in case of failure of the installation.  
  • Prompt interventionInstallation /building prompt intervention: To handle and resolve promptly and effectively any type of emergency or failure.
  • Installations remote management: remote control installations, linked to an operational center.