In Recir staff technical training is provided by its Scientific research and training centre, as well as by partnership  with the most important manufactures of meteorological and environmental tools. It has at disposition research technologies, civil aviation and military sector.


In accordance with the international standards of WMO (World Meteorological Organization) and ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), Recir carries on the design, installation and maintenance of meteorological systems including:


  • Systems and sensors for Visibility and RVR (Runway Visual Range).
  • Ceilometer systems and sensors to determine the height of a cloud base.
  • Sensors and systems for meteorological parameters; detecting wind, pressure, temperature, relative humidity, precipitations, soil humidity and temperature, snowfall height.
  • Systems and sensor to detect solar parameters: solar radiation, sunshine duration, and net radiation.
  • Supports and trellis in norm with iCAO regulations for Airports.
  • Systems, sensors and services to detect wind and temperature profile at altitude; using LIDAR and RADIOMETRO technologies, particularly useful for FOG NOWCASTING ad WINDSHEAR.
  • Systems and solutions for precipitations and Radar Meteorology.
  • Transportable meteorological solutions for both civil and tactical use, those are currently in use in the armed forces of some states.
  • Radiosonde solutions already verified within WMO intercomparison available in both manual and automatic mode. These solutions, integrated by Processing programs and Data presentation, are suitable for airports and for synoptic applications.